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Teaching accountability in agreed standards regardless of community consequences is equality. Teacher talents and expertise because of community distinction is freedom.

Synergy of Difference is the responsible outcome.

SCOPE Alignment is how I get you there.


A guide for parents and a
companion guide for teachers

Align the principles of capacity,
integrity, reliability and compassion for
raising education standards

This most important book is unique in the genre of education. Pages of wisdom are crafted by an education expert, for the advantage of the future leaders of this wonderful country.

…an advocate for parents and as an agent of change in seeking to improve the quality of the education in all our schools, with special reference to that critical relationship between the school, the home and the community.

I admire her dedication in speaking up to clarify important matters, based on her extensive research and pedagogical understandings. Thank you for all your support in creating a range of courses to support teacher professional development across Australia.

Cheryl’s enthusiasm, her innovativeness, and her genuine concern for those she is involved with are exemplary. Her flexibility in working with all constituencies has earned her an enviable reputation as an excellent mentor and educator who truly cares.

Why alignment boosts education standards

The purpose of education is to change people through teaching. The change process begins with 'a language of agreement'. Clarity of beliefs can now be aligned with behaviours and capabilities toward desired outcomes. And, so the journey toward change has begun. Education services that source and adopt genuine alignment solutions - thrive.

Alignment Suite

Intersection of influence on education outcomes

From parliament to the playground, everyone involved in school education has a direct influence on the life of a child. Systems, leaders, and educators provide the service of education. Families are the recipients of this service. A genuine relationship is one where all beliefs, behaviours, capabilities and intentions are aligned.

Cheryl’s Approach

Rational, Thought Provoking, Tangible

Cheryl is Australia's leading agitator for rational change in school education. Since her first year of teaching, she has been advocating for alignment in education services to bring families the education they deserve and educators the professional recognition they deserve. She has been extraordinarily successful in transforming schools impacted by inflexible school systems.


Everyone is impacted by the impact of school education. If you’re looking to better understand issues in education, seek solutions or debate current practices, Cheryl will tailor an address that’s full of story telling, key messages and practical take-aways for your audience.

From OK schools to
Outstanding schools

a must have guide for policy makers,
school leaders and school boards

20 principles for aligning your philosophy,
relationships and performance targets

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    My intent is to add value to your services
    or event that results in you taking the
    lead in boosting education standards.

    My intent is to add value to your services
    or event that results in you taking the
    lead in aligning education services.